Press Releases


Irish prayers for God's intervention in the "fodder crisis"

Cold and wet weather has seen many farmers "run out of fodder to feed their cattle"


Report from the Entebbe GAFCON primates meeting

For more than 15 years there has been a crisis of authority in the Anglican Communion.


Ministers encouraged to talk about vocation in new campaign

CoE launches campaint  to have its 30,000 lay and ordained ministers to hold at least one conversation a month about vocation with someone different from themselves, 


Long Island priest murdered

The Rev. Paul Wancura died this week at age 87 from injuries suffered during a home invasion last month at his home.


TEC Fort Worth parish to offer transgender support

St Stephen's in Hurst to offer resources for those in transition


MECHRIC Denounces Syrian Bishops for Anti-US Statement

If the US does not stop this now, where will it end? Will other inconvenient minorities be next


Patriarchs of Antioch condemn allied bombing of Syrian military targets

The allegations of the USA ... that the Syrian army is using chemical weapons and that Syria is a country that owns and uses this kind of weapon, is a claim that is unjustified and unsupported by sufficient and clear evidence