Stephen Hawking and Christian Faith

Fr Emmanuel Hatzidakis writes "smart [Hawking] is; he is just not wise."


What is the Global Anglican Communion?

Prof Stephen Noll on the new identity of Anglicanism


Texas Court's Mighty Labor Is in Vain

The Second District Court of Appeals in Fort Worth has labored long and hard over the appeal taken by the Episcopal Church (USA) and its local diocese and parishes


CSI Calvary – the compelling case for the Resurrection

What happens when an atheist detective takes the skills he uses to solve cold-case murders and applies them to the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth?


Muslims must prove their religion is one of peace

The new ‘hate-laws’ require us to determine if Islam is a religion of peace; the judiciary is muddled; a comparison with Jesus helps.



A call to resist.

Gavin Ashenden talks about same-sex marriage and the sexuality and gender revolution we're currently undergoing in the West.


Truth is the scapegoat for Pilate Welby

Why isn’t Welby calling for the resignation of his opposite number in York, asks Jules Gomes.


The Illuminated Heart by Peter Jensen

Lenten meditation from the GAFCON secretary general