Archbishop Peter Jensen’s 2011 Christmas message



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Submitted by gconger on Fri, 12/23/2011 - 09:47

Christmas is our big annual reminder of the generous love of God. When Jesus was born, it was God himself entering our story to rescue us from sin.
Some people just can’t stand the fact that he is the most important person in history and our whole dating system revolves around his birth. They even want to change the language to write him out.
It’s sad really. It shows that people are frightened of his influence and will do anything to stop us talking about him.
Sad, because Jesus Christ is the world’s greatest inspiration. We need him in our lives and in our history and in our community.
The signs are that the world is in for a difficult time economically. For some countries it is not just a downturn, they will need to grapple with a breakdown in their economic systems. Already, many people go hungry each day. If times get worse, it will be the poor and disadvantaged who suffer most. We are going to need to be generous, and the greatest inspiration to generosity that the world has ever known is Jesus.
When we celebrate Christmas we are celebrating the generosity of Jesus, who left his heavenly home to live amongst us and to die for us on a Roman cross to reconcile us to God.
When we are reconciled to God, it affects the whole way we think of others. We reach out in care and forgiveness.
It’s a glad and generous season of the year because our God makes us glad with his generosity.
Dr Peter F Jensen,
Archbishop of Sydney,
Christmas, 2011 AD.