Archbishop Henri: Réponse à la pétition AMIA



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Submitted by gconger on Tue, 04/17/2012 - 07:32

Primat: Mgr Isingoma K. Henri
To: Chairman of the Anglican Mission in the America
Concern: Petition from AMiA
Easter integration/Province of the Anglican Church of Congo
Dear Bishop Murphy,
May peace and grace from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, be with you!
We thank you for your letter with AMiA petition in regard to the transfer of its canonical authority out of the Province of the Episcopal Church of Rwanda. We equally thank you for having entrusted the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo with this petition.
- Considering that your petition reaches us during the Holy Week, a significant moment of spiritual retreat in front of the Cross of our Lord, longing for His resurrection that explains the origin of the church and its existence as the Body of Christ ;
- Considering your determination to remain a member of the Anglican Communion insptite of the differences of opinion among its members and the current acute crisis it undergoes;
- Considering the length of your mission and the positive outcome of its missionary work in training Christ’s disciples in the USA in order to safeguard the evangelic faith that we all confess ;
- Taking into account the nature of your request to temporarily settle in the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo in order to safeguard the existence of your Mission and to establish its perennial presence in the Anglican Communion;
- Hoping for an appropriate solution within the Communion for a final affiliation of your Mission to one of its provincial entities;
- Deeply hoping that the provisional attachment of your Mission to the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo will not in any way break its long date relationship with the sister-Province of Rwanda and other missionary agencies in the USA and that this letter initiates a reconciliation process between your Mission and other entities where our Province intends to play a major role;
In the light of all this, we agree to welcome you in our Province as you request in your petition while you move on in normalizing your position as a plausible Anglican missionary society. As to the nature and the modality of the canonical power transfer, all this will be discussed when we meet in the United Kingdom along with other bishops from the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo who will be in attendance.
In communion in Easter prayers and celebration,
Yours in Christ,
The Most Rev. Isingoma K. Henri,
Archbishop of the Province of the Anglican Church of Congo